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This legume is cultivated on the plateaus and inland valleys of the Province of L'Aquila. The seeds of Cicer arietinum have excellent sensorial characteristics The cultivation technique normally involves sowing in the spring in soil that was ploughed and harrowed before the winter. Sowing is performed during March’s waning moon, otherwise the plant will continue to flower, remain green all summer and fail to complete the growth cycle. The pulses retain their nutritional properties for two or more years. The chickpeas are harvested after threshing (usually during the first half of August) and stored in a dry place in jute sacks. Teodoro Bonanni's book “Le antiche industrie della provincia dell'Aquila” (1888) refers to the cultivation of various types of legumes in the Province of L’Aquila, and mentions many civaie (leguminous crops) grown throughout the province. During the period in which the land registry was being established (1923-28), 32 hectares of land cultivated with chickpeas were recorded in the Navelli area, which produced a yield of 395 quintals. Yield per hectare was 12-13 quintals and this figure has remained practically unchanged. Recent research carried out by ARSSA( as part of the Regional Program to Save the Germoplasm of Species of Agricultural Interest (POM 3.2)) revealed that the crop has been cultivated in the area since ancient times and various cultivars of native chickpeas have been discovered not only in Navelli but also in Collepietro, Castelvecchio Subequo and Pacentro (brought from Castel di Ieri). Evidence found shows that chickpeas were extensively cultivated in Marsica in the past, on the dry soil skirting where Lake Fucino once stood.


Source: Atlas of Abruzzo’s traditional products – ARSSA - Regional Agency for Abruzzo’s agriculture development



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